Blanket - a MIDI-controllable amplitude donor

Mattia Zanzi
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** Requires Ableton 11 **

Every sound, silence included, has an amplitude envelope. For some sounds, the amplitude envelope is so peculiar to be the main feature we use to identify it. Think of the many forms of white noise sounds, the rain, the sea, walking, etc...; they have more or less the same frequency spectrum, but we access their identity through how their amplitude progresses in time. However, digital technologies can allow us to isolate even the most hard-wired amplitude envelope and assign it to another sound.

The 'blanket' has been born for this purpose. Put it after an instrument or sound, and drop a sample in it. Now specify a MIDI source and select a part of the sample. Finally, trigger some MIDI notes. You will notice that the input sound will receive the exact amplitude envelope of the selected portion of the sample.

Alternatively, the Blanket can listen to an external signal and use its envelope to modulate the amplitude of its main input. In order to activate the external signal, first, specify the input source in the drop-down menu beneath the "Ext. In" tag. Now press on the "Ext. In" button, which will turn yellow. This action will bypass the sample stored in the buffer. If you want to switch back to the "sample mode", just press again the "Ext. In" button, which will turn grey.

Finally, external inputs can be also recorded to the sample buffer. Once an "Ext. in" source is present, hit the record button. You can specify the length of the recording according to the general Live transport.

The 'crystallized' amplitude envelope can be amplified and smoothed. Finally, the sample can still be mixed with the input, enveloped signal. What has been formed is a new relationship between two however independent sounds.

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Blanket - a MIDI-controllable amplitude donor

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